Line Animation in Sony Vegas

Line Animation in Sony Vegas

Get Vegas here: In this tutorial, we will be taking a look at how you can animate things with the use of gradient wipes in Sony Vegas Pro 12. This can be used for animating lines, writing text, etc. without the need to keyframe anything at all. This does require a photo editor, which for this I used Photoshop.


If you want to see this done with text, let me know in the comments below!


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24 thoughts on “Line Animation in Sony Vegas”

  1. So I've been making an attempt to try this using GIMP 2.0 – The gradient preview image appears as a solid black image after attempting to use it for the transition – the transition then does not "Draw out" As yours does, but fades the whole image at once, is there any work around for this?

  2. For some reason I cannot find the CONTROL: Fades option. I'm using CS6. Thank you.

  3. why everyone hating u because u use photoshop
    i think it's a nice trick to make it more simple

  4. Thanks so much for a step-by-step on precisely what I needed to know. Blessings and thanks!

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