Linux Fest NW 2020: "Be Excellent to Each Other"

Linux Fest NW 2020: "Be Excellent to Each Other"

Detailed video tutorial “Linux Fest NW 2020: "Be Excellent to Each Other"”

This is a clip from Linux Thursday, originally aired on October 31, 2019.

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8 thoughts on “Linux Fest NW 2020: "Be Excellent to Each Other"”

  1. Bryan, just wanted you to know that I used to listen to you a lot but stopped because of the negativity. I have started listening again because of ones like this one. I am back and glad to be. Be excellent to each other!

  2. Be careful of the current pc culture. Linux must be a meritocracy community first and foremost, this is mutually exclusive from how people are treated. I.e. You can be a horrible programmer and a horrible person; a great programmer and flawed person (Linus Tovalds) etc etc.

    What it looks like to me is that the diversity pc crowed is fixated on the ratio of 'white males' to non binary, trans, and poc representation. They are not interested in the fact that Linux is an open source and community driven platform with equal opportunity for all; because they want equal outcomes. That is to say they want a never ending diversity demographic.

    What they want is impossible to achieve without destroying meritocracy by removing hard working white males (ironically sexist and racist) from the community who have done nothing wrong but perhaps said something stupid at one time or another.

    EVEN BARACK OBAMA is against such ideas…Obama addresses woke culture:

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