VRAY Wood Material 3ds Max

VRAY Wood Material 3ds Max

Detailed video tutorial “VRAY Wood Material 3ds Max”

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make wood material for interior, exterior and outdoors. it covers five different mode of wood material and how to adjust the color saturation and gamma.

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30 thoughts on “VRAY Wood Material 3ds Max”

  1. Your videos are amazing! Can u make a tutorial for making wood based material maps in photoshop? Look forward to it!

  2. Hey, great tutorial but you haven't included the maps in the description tab and I can't find them on your community tab either. Is there a chance you would include them in, please? Thank you 🙂

  3. Dear Saeed i am following all the your Tutorial Step by Step But inside in vrayBlendMti i could't found dcomplexfresnel material i am using max 2020 and v-ray next
    my be this option has been updated so please help me. thanks

  4. Thanks a lot for this great tutorial. sir saeed when you are going to share these textures ??

  5. another good website is eachmodels.com All the models are in 3DS format and most are zipped with the texture files

  6. Assalamu Alikkum Mr.saeed thank you so much to share your knowledge with us its to help for me I need to learn about rendering quality I cant get good quality render can you help me with that if you can please share your render setup file and some textures also, please thank you again man

  7. Hey Saeed Thanks for the tutorial it's amazing tutorial
    Can you pls make some tutorials for rustic mat or loft interior and some dirt mat

  8. Wow it’s simply amazing. Saeed can u plz make a tutorial for us wet asphalt or water puddles on any surface?

  9. Just a small tip: The reason why you're having to create a color correction node for the diffuse is because the HDRI map setting "color space" it needs to be set to sRGB, at the moment the default is inverse gamma and it sets it to 1.0 gamma which is why the diffuse map is completely washed out . Using sRGB keeps it to its default base value color of 2.2. But in terms of everything else, reflect, gloss, normal, inverse gamma is correct. However if you knew this already and it was your intention all along to keep the diffuse to inverse gamma then ignore everything I just said :p.

    Anyways, love your tutorials keep them up.

  10. I forgot I have another question saeed , in the first 3 materials you used HDRI as but last 2 you put the textures in their normal slots , can you tell us the difference between the 2 methods ?

  11. i think that custom fresnal map is not in max 2019.. do you have any other suggestions to get this effect without a custom fresnal??

  12. saeed you left me speechless as usual great content , LOVED the music choice by the way , it's calm and better than the first one ,
    I would like to ask you a question , where do you get your high resolution textures from ? can you help me with that ? I always struggle to find clean high res textures to use for my projects .. thanks for all your efforts (Y)

  13. Hey Saeed Thanks for the tutorial wow amazing tutorial, one thing where we can find the maps that you used in this tutorial, can wait to practice this tutorial !!!!!!!! Amazing thanks once again !!!!

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