Which Linux Distro Should You Use for Gaming?

Which Linux Distro Should You Use for Gaming?

Detailed video tutorial “Which Linux Distro Should You Use for Gaming?”

In this video, I go over which Linux distro you should use for gaming. The distros I bring up in the video are the best possible starting points for new gamers coming to Linux.

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36 thoughts on “Which Linux Distro Should You Use for Gaming?”

  1. Too bad Lubuntu isn't covered. I use it at work and at home to game on. It's a fantastic distro to me. And I use Liquorix kernel as you adviced

  2. i think linux developers need to start to think to adding ntfs format. current is good when you have multiple dive but not for laptops which can only has single drive and most data are stored in different partition

  3. Pop OS is kinda boring to me. It just seems uninspired. There really isn't anything that stands out about it.

  4. butttt, i want one for Making games (Unity, Godot, etc), playing games and programming.
    is there one?

  5. What I don't like about PopOS is the fonts aren't clear , kind of fuzzy , even on 20.04.

  6. When i try to boot pop os from live usb,My screen turns black after some text then nothing happens help pls…

  7. i could b wrong, but i thought steam os is good 4 gaming nvr tried it tho

  8. Ive been using Linux for many years, I've only just started gaming but have found Debian with an nvidia gtx1050 seems to run steam well

  9. Hmmm i think a *buntu is better, because Steam offical supports it. And there are tons of information how to fix a problem and a lot of install ready .deb files from companys like Skype, Opera etc.
    I use Ubuntu Mate (because i dont like gnome 3) and i have no problems at all. Kubuntu was instable, Suse often was work to get games up and running, Spotify the same.

  10. MX linux ? for gaming os? .. did you not get the point of MX-linux?? it is the Coolest distro in linux, for what it dose , – but because of the tweeking make it not so good for GAMING =(if you installed it – you dont get it ) (you use the live installer – to install it, to a USB/SD flash drive.) its a persistent full OS – built on Live CD , it can even re-master it self .. . . it also can Ram-drive boot- .. but the best-part is that its a Usb-live that can run your day to day OS on a pentium 2 MMX for 1/2 the day – then you can run it on your laptop on the way home, then run it on your New pc.. and have your own distro- … *(it also dose a CIA/NSA trick – were you Raid0 (custom raid0) the live iso to 2 or 3+ usb-flash drive , …. but with all that must go-on in the background to maintain MX linux – you wont get the best FPS or load times .. …


  11. @1:03
    That is me also but it is getting tiring to have to mess with a package for a few days to tweak it sometimes to get it to work the way I want.
    Seriously thinking of trying something different.

  12. reasoning is a bit wonky.. e.g. the whole fedora argument, is essential the exact same as you could say for manjaro, it's not for beginner, not all out of the gate experiences. You need to tinker here and there… but once its setup, it's very fast, very nice to use…

  13. pop-os, nvidia+thundebolt3, kde… here and after a week or 2 I was almost ok… liked. main drive

  14. So, does that mean I can't get Nvidia proprietary drivers on Arch/Manjaro Linux or it's just harder to setup as Pop_OS already has it ready? I'm just confused by that; I'd love to try Arch/Manjaro if it really is faster, more customizable AND I can still use Nvidia proprietary because I'm using Pop_OS right now, and it just works, but he's right.. I want to customize lol

  15. Seems like too much work. Hard pass guess I'll stick with Windows. Thought Linux distros would've come a long way, and all I'm hearing is you gotta do all this bullshit. Naw

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